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After years of hard working behind the scenes Wendy decided to follow her dream in 2013 and started following acting lessons. She finished the Theatre school ‘De Trap’ and is still training herself by following challenging workshops. At this moment she is following ‘The Chubbuck technique’ a twelve step method to make that take you from script to a living, breathing dynamic character. Developed by the talented acting coach Ivana Chubbuck from LA.

At this moment she is busy with the feature film De ‘IJslandbende’, a family film for all ages.  This one will be released 2017.

Wendy plays in several films, commercials, TV series and also works on Theatre performances, Photoshoots and E-learning company films.

The Tv serie Brugklas is experiencing its 5th season on TV. It will be a emotional heavy season for her character Manon Leidekker.


Wendy works as a actress  for severe communication and behavior trainings in various organizations such as healthcare, accounting, insurance, media, education, municipalities, the police etc. But she also likes to work for private clients, who likes for example to exercise a role play for job interviews, assessments or for some other personal reason.

I believe when teaching practical skills, actors are an unique teaching tool. Role-plays (when done properly), increase the effectiveness of training.

As training actress Wendy performs in role plays, relevant practical situations after sometimes using different methods that support the skills to be trained. It provides that behavior, which is supporting to the training, stating clear feedback to the participant in the form of tips and tops.

In advance, she tunes the wishes of the trainer so that the cooperation will take place in a pleasant, effective and relaxed manner for everybody. Wendy is not only a dynamic addition to the students, but also a valuable support for you as a trainer. She can also be used as a co-trainer.

With her workexperience in many industries, knowledge of a wide array of methods and variety of her natural play, you have an extra strong foundation in your training.

  • Actress Film / Theater/ TV
  • Voice over
  • Knowledge of a wide array of acting training tools company communication trainings
  • Actress corporate and E-learning film
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