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For more insight into your behavioral patterns and awareness.

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Roleplay Actress 

A training actor uses role-play to simulate realistic situations.

Wendy Riksen training & coaching communication training

Communication skills Trainer

Making internal communication at a company or organization effective and pleasant again.

The work method is very thorough, and with a good sense of humor. In the end, Wendy ensures that you can come up with many answers. Flexible and resolute. Comes to the core. The coaching path is very well thought out and therefore very professional. Clarity about will be worked on and taking this step by step. Also flexible enough to work on whatever comes up as we go along. My goal has been reached in the sense that I know what I need to work on, which will for sure help me in the coming time.


The route to take is a very personal ride. What I noticed is that Wendy mostly let me figure it out myself. She is to the point and will not beat around the bush. What is the real problem here, and the figuring it out after. Wendy tries to look for the deeper problem, instead of just staying on the surface. The involvement is high but also professional and there is little time for small talk. That’s okay but also makes the sessions very intense. I can move on with the results from the sessions. I have to address issues that only I can tackle.


Wendy has a sharp analytical view of things, is direct in a good way, and confronting when necessary, without giving pre-chewed answers. What I mean by that is that she helps you to analyze yourself. She doesn’t do it for you, you have to do it yourself. Getting insights by yourself. She will just help you to go in the right direction. She asks a lot of open questions and stimulates you to think about answers yourself. I think the session helped me to make it clearer what I should pay attention to. I think I came closer to myself and maybe also got the feeling that I have to organize my life around things that matter to me instead of spending time on matters because people expect it of me.


Wendy’s involvement was very big, warm, and compassionate. She made me aware of the problem. We had very diverse conversations during the sessions. I felt at ease with Wendy very quickly. This caused some conversations about subjects I didn’t even know where issues. The profit that Wendy helped me to gain is that for every decision I see that I have a choice and have to make it myself.


Wendy is goal-oriented, client-oriented, and solution-oriented, and she does that calmly and collectedly. She put me at ease quickly. She asks to-the-point questions and that waits patiently for answers. She took me very seriously. But often we could also have a light conversation and make jokes.

Coaching by Wendy has made me more aware and I started looking at myself more and that helped me to make an important step more quickly, I feel.


I think Wendy has a wonderful mix of being involved, to the point, and analytical. She could point out the problem in a razor-sharp way. It started low-key; I thought we would be able to fix the issues quickly together. But I quickly discovered old mechanisms under the problems I experienced. Wendy sorted those out very quickly by the questions she asked. Wendy did so in exactly the right way, without digging too deep, but enough to experience it.

I wanted more satisfaction and serenity in my work as an entrepreneur. I reached that goal. Now I get more joy out of my work, and at the same time I became more professional.


I know Wendy as an honest, warm, and involved person with a great commitment to everything she does. Wendy lets you think for yourself with the questions she asked you and the things she lets you do. She uses different disciplines and perspectives which help you to gain new insights quickly about your own behavior. Because of my ADD, it turned out to be difficult to coach me in the ‘regular’ way so we decided together that I will be looking for (more) specialized help. I have experienced plenty of coaches who just let you muck about. She immediately gave me a suggestion that I can follow.

I am pretty happy with the exercises we did and the planning framework we made together still helps me every day.


Wendy listens well, is professional, and pleasant. She seems genuinely interested and made me feel at ease during the whole process. This created trust and I also think this resulted in a better outcome of the process.

What stood out most about the coaching process is that I learned a few things about myself that I didn’t know yet. That was a positive surprise about the coaching process. Usefull and educational.


It is always a joy to work with Wendy. We do that as a duo of trainer and actor for several clients. Because of her acting work, fitting feedback, and creative point of view, Wendy adds a lot to a training. Her humor and equal way of communicating are charming and make sure that everyone feels comfortable to experiment with new behavior.


Participants in a communication training tend to dread practicing with an actor. Wendy quickly makes participants feel at ease. She is approachable, to the point, makes complex subjects clear, and always has fun, good, and insightful exercises so that participants really make insightful steps. As a trainer, I enjoy working with Wendy.


I have worked with Wendy a lot during the Harvard Negotiating in the Personal Injury industry. Wendy is an actor who doesn’t let herself be frightened by the very specific casuistry in this line of work. She immerses herself, asking deeper questions about relevant circumstances, and transforms that into believable play. As an actor, Wendy is valuable in mirroring behavior or instead provoking opposite behavior. She creates a low-key atmosphere that is inviting for practice. And at the same time, she is not afraid to let situations occur that cause friction. Because of her fitting feedback, she knows how to get participants to move forward and grow step by step every time. I truly hope this collaboration will continue for a long time.


Wendy is a training actor who likes to immerse herself in the matter which makes her connect even better with the participants. But even better are her sincerity and her vulnerability. By sharing something personal once in a while. It grants you a look into her heart and that makes her a good actor. Without contact no contract with the participants. I thoroughly enjoy working with her.


I think you are the best (well prepared, tough and soft, pleasurable to work with (doesn’t take over from the trainer), multi-leveled, understands theory quickly)!


Thank you, Wendy! You are a fantastic training actor with a special feeling for understanding different professions. I always enjoy working with you and you are my steady ‘buddy’! With you as my colleague, we thoroughly understand each other.


It turned into a very insightful but also fun afternoon.
Wendy interpreted a sad visitor so wonderfully, that we all had tears in our eyes.


I am very impressed with your always-on-point feedback for the students. Thank you again for coming and I hope to see you next time!




  • Career path coach / career path guidance

  • Learning to let go

  • Perfectionism and fear of failure

  • What are my talents

  • Growing self-confidence

  • Caring less about others’ opinions

  • Setting boundaries

  • Being more courageous

  • Energy, balance, and tranquility

  • Dealing with other people’s emotions

  • Decisiveness

  • Being seen and appreciated

  • Dealing with colleagues, parents, clients

  • Staying true to yourself

  • Self-discipline and focus

  • Taking matters into your own hands

Hi, I am Wendy.

I have worked for over 25 years as a manager in various companies. (Hotels, Restaurants, TV media production companies & Broadcasters, IT, Cleaning, Hospital) If I had then all this knowledge and skills, my path would have been different. Less stress, more happiness and more doing what I wanted instead of what I can do.

How difficult it was for me sometimes, to give feedback and to start the difficult conversation or to express myself in a way that was constructive for myself and the other. I often felt back again and again on the behavioral patterns and thoughts that I knew so well. Unfortunately, they were not always helpful for my goal at that time. But I had no idea how to do it differently and how to keep doing it.

Now I know and I grant you those insights and tools too!

I am practical and effective in my work as a Coach, Training Actor & Trainer in communication skills. During the sessions I also use exercises that allow you to experience things more than just talking about them.

Because I have worked for years in various companies and therefore know how it “works in the real world” plus that I can work with you on 3 layers, I take you further with your request for help.

Clients and describe me as someone who is sincere and pragmatic with a touch of humor and guts.

I grant everyone insights and tools to be able and dare to take steps. Feeling good mentally and physically, that makes the difference!

You can read references on this website and my linked-in profile.

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