About Wendy Riksen

I am direct, empathetic and pragmatic.

If I, as an employee and manager, had had more self-knowledge and insight into my behavioral patterns 25 years ago, my path would have been different. I sometimes felt unheard and appreciated and then worked much harder to achieve that. At the same time, I also started to complain about my displeasure and after a while I just left. If only I had known then what I know now. How I could have used my commitment more effectively and also how I should have handled difficult conversations. How I could give feedback in a constructive way with an eye for my interests and those of the other. Connected without being offensive. Then I would certainly have had less conflict and stress and more happiness at work. If only I had had a good coach or had been allowed to follow communication training courses.

I would like to share my knowledge with others who get stuck in their work or life. By discovering behavioral reflexes together and gaining insight into how and why you do what you do and the effect thereof towards your goal, I give you freedom of choice in your behavioral reflexes.

This allows you to learn to use new behavior. This can be at an awareness level such as beliefs and thoughts, but also at a communication skills level or even a form of acceptance of what is bothering you.

I work purposefully and like a little humor and lightheartedness in the conversations. Through my questions and exercises, I make you think and let you practice during the sessions.

Research together and laugh with humor at the ‘stubborn’ habits that we all have in the end and then figure out how best to turn them towards your goal. Giving you tools and insights that suit you, so you can move on. That’s what I like about my job.

Because I have worked for many years within various companies, I also know how it works at work and what makes things so difficult to put into practice.

More peace, more happiness and knowing what you are doing it for. Feel comfortable mentally and physically. I wish you that too!

Have you become curious and want to invest in yourself? Then call me for a free intake.


  • Coach Intensive training, NONONS

  • Coach Expert training, NONONS

  • NOBCO certified and registered coach

  • Train the Trainer course, Bridge2learn

  • Training actor course at Hebbes Academy,

  • Theater school ‘de Trap’,

  • Member of the NvVT (Dutch Association of Training Actors),


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EMCC - Wendy Riksen training & coachin
NVT - Wendy Riksen training & coaching
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  • practical
  • honest
  • result-oriented
  • direct
  • there to help you


  • balance, structure, tranquility
  • attention and appreciation
  • autonomy and influence
  • change and meaning
  • career path guidance


  • make your own choices
  • see the sky as the limit
  • determine your own course
  • make a difference
  • be seen and appreciated