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Giving feedback, receiving and addressing in a pleasant manner

Learn to give good feedback and bring up hindering behavior. You know how it goes: a colleague who says “yes” but does “no”, an employee who never agrees, or a manager who doesn’t listen well. Do you want to address your colleagues’ behavior more often, but do you feel a barrier in doing so? During this training, we find out why you sometimes feel a barrier in addressing certain behavior. Would you rather avoid conflict? Do you not want drama? Are you maybe hesitant about your own emotions? You practice giving feedback in your own situations using 4G methodology. The difference between addressing and expressing is also made clear.

Self-confidence and Assertiveness

Do you want more self-confidence? Then it is important to learn how to get a grip on your own emotions. A lack of self-confidence can get in the way of reaching your goals or trying new things. In this training, you learn a few smart and effective techniques to gain control of the way you experience emotions, feelings, and thoughts.

Roos van Leary / Situational leadership/ Job Application and Profiling

Communication topics

How do I take control of conversations?

How do I tackle difficult conversations?

How do I reach my goal?

How do I grow my self-confidence?

How do I communicate stronger and easier?

How do I make the right choices, which voice do I listen to?

How do I negotiate in a conversation?

How do I convey my strong and my weak points in a job interview?

How do I lead in a coaching manner?

How do I deal with resistance and aggression?

How do I deal with emotions in a conversation?

How do I have bad-news conversations?

Why is communication training important?

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What does this training entail?

My communication trainings and workshops are always custom-made. During a diligent preliminary meeting, we don’t just get acquainted, but also formulate clear goals. After this meeting, I set up the training program.

A communication training takes, depending on the desired training program, 1 or multiple parts of or several days. Of course, you can approve this plan first.

My approach during the training is active, enthusiastic, and accessible. I strive to create a relaxed atmosphere because I am convinced you cannot learn until you are relaxed, feel safe, and know what you can expect.