Training actor / role-player


What is a training actor?

A training actor plays a role in learning situations. With role play, we simulate reality. I respond to behavior and give feedback on what that does to me and what the effect is. We discuss this according to the goal of the session that the participant wants to practice. I give tips about what I think is needed to come into action, keep promises, be less dominant, etc. Participants take with them what they can use in their own practice.

Who is a training actor useful for?

For Trainers, HR advisors, Boards, Entrepreneurs, Individuals

If you want your people to experience, reflect, and give them tools they can use right away for their own practice.

If you think having certain conversations is difficult and you want to gain insight and skills on how to improve this.

Read some examples below.

Why is working with a training actor important?

I am of great added value at a training because of my 20 years of experience in management in several business areas. I also have a lot of experience with theory-supporting exercises. During the training, my approach is enthusiastic and relaxed in order to take away any tangible tension. I am convinced that you can only learn in a relaxed atmosphere.

Quote Wendy Riksen training & coaching



  • Do you find it difficult to deal with dominant people and to maintain your equality?
  • Would you love to tell someone what you think of their behavior/work, but are you afraid of the consequences?
  • Do you want to discuss a higher rate with a client, but they think your prices are too high and are asking for a reduction? How do you negotiate?
  • Do you find it difficult to deal with emotional colleagues, patients, customers? (aggressive, sad, closed off)
  • Do you want to practice a job interview or a performance review?
  • Is it hard to say no and guard your boundaries when your supervisor asks you to do something?

How do we handle the training?

The quality of the training depends on a few different factors. Variation and fun are very important; they contribute to a good result. That is why I use a lot of different exercises, forms and methods of play, along with role play.


  • the role play is useful for the daily life of the participant;
  • the role play may be artificial, but the interaction between training actor and participant is real and feels just as real as in practice;
  • I ask a lot of questions so the issue and the role are clear and we can work effectively;
  • as training actor, I have knowledge of the models that are being used during the training;

  • I give feedback during the play as well as after. Giving tops and tips;
  • the objective of the participant is clear so you can truly work on your learning points. The objective of the training is also clear and therefore I always discuss with the trainer beforehand what the theoretical models and the wishes are;
  • humor and enthusiasm are the engines for a successful training;
  • during the training, I create a safe environment in which there is no such thing as ‘wrong’ and ‘radiant failure’ is the starting point of learning.


• Dealing with verbal aggression;

• Grief, trauma, loss, and other bad news conversations;

• Client contact, Sales and negotiation techniques, Acquisition talks;

• Performance reviews, Assessments, Job interviews;

• Absenteeism talks;

• Conflict management, Dealing with resistance, Assertiveness skills;

• Harvard negotiating;

• Simulation patient for medical staff.


Situational leadership model, Assertiveness scale, Transactional analysis, Drama triangle, Roos van Leary, Kolb, Core quadrants, GROW, Frustration and instrumental aggression, STAR, LSD, SMART, OMA, OEN, ABCD aggression, DISC, BADSOC, IJsberg theory, Carrousel model, Director model, Energizers, and many other theory-supporting work forms.

It is always a joy to work with Wendy. We do that as a duo of trainer and actor for several clients. Because of her acting work, fitting feedback, and creative point of view, Wendy adds a lot to a training. Her humor and equal way of communicating are charming and make sure that everyone feels comfortable to experiment with new behavior.


Participants in a communication training tend to dread practicing with an actor. Wendy quickly makes participants feel at ease. She is approachable, to the point, makes complex subjects clear, and always has fun, good, and insightful exercises so that participants really make insightful steps. As a trainer, I enjoy working with Wendy.


I have worked with Wendy a lot during the Harvard Negotiating in the Personal Injury industry. Wendy is an actor who doesn’t let herself be frightened by the very specific casuistry in this line of work. She immerses herself, asking deeper questions about relevant circumstances, and transforms that into believable play. As an actor, Wendy is valuable in mirroring behavior or instead provoking opposite behavior. She creates a low-key atmosphere that is inviting for practice. And at the same time, she is not afraid to let situations occur that cause friction. Because of her fitting feedback, she knows how to get participants to move forward and grow step by step every time. I truly hope this collaboration will continue for a long time.


Wendy is a training actor who likes to immerse herself in the matter which makes her connect even better with the participants. But even better are her sincerity and her vulnerability. By sharing something personal once in a while. It grants you a look into her heart and that makes her a good actor. Without contact no contract with the participants. I thoroughly enjoy working with her.


I think you are the best (well prepared, tough and soft, pleasurable to work with (doesn’t take over from the trainer), multi-leveled, understands theory quickly)!


Thank you, Wendy! You are a fantastic training actor with a special feeling for understanding different professions. I always enjoy working with you and you are my steady ‘buddy’! With you as my colleague, we thoroughly understand each other.


It turned into a very insightful but also fun afternoon.
Wendy interpreted a sad visitor so wonderfully, that we all had tears in our eyes.


I admire how you always touch the core point and play a different role every time. I really dreaded this, but I am very happy I got to practice with you.



I have worked for over 25 years as a manager in various companies. (Hotels, Restaurants, TV media production companies & Broadcasters, IT, Cleaning, Hospital) If I had then all this knowledge and skills, my path would have been different. Less stress, more happiness and more doing what I wanted instead of what I can do.

How difficult it was for me sometimes, to give feedback and to start the difficult conversation or to express myself in a way that was constructive for myself and the other. I often felt back again and again on the behavioral patterns and thoughts that I knew so well. Unfortunately, they were not always helpful for my goal at that time. But I had no idea how to do it differently and how to keep doing it.

Now I know and I grant you those insights and tools too!

I am practical and effective in my work as a Coach, Training Actor & Trainer in communication skills. During the sessions I also use exercises that allow you to experience things more than just talking about them.

Because I have worked for years in various companies and therefore know how it “works in the real world” plus that I can work with you on 3 layers, I take you further with your request for help.

Clients and describe me as someone who is sincere and pragmatic with a touch of humor and guts.

I grant everyone insights and tools to be able and dare to take steps. Feeling good mentally and physically, that makes the difference!

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